My Friends Computer Clinic is your one stop shop for computer, smartphone and TV sales and repairs.

Top of the line laptops at rock bottom prices. All laptops come with a ONE YEAR WARRANTY. NO ONE in the ENTIRE state can touch MFCC’s iron clad and IN WRITING warranties which are, simply, the best. PERIOD.

Need repairs?

MFCC techs are MCSE, MCSA, A+, CCNA and CCIE certified. Between all the techs at MFCC, there is almost FOUR DECADES of computer repair experience!

My Friends Computer Clinic repairs

laptops • desktops • tablets • smartphones • Ipads • Ipods • Iphones • game consoles • LCD and Plasma TVs

If we can’t fix it, YOU DON’T PAY!! It’s THAT simple!

MFCC uses professional grade hi-tech reflow equipment to achieve exacting repair results. And, like our laptops and desktops, MFCC stands behind every repair with an ironclad IN WRITING warranty.

Don’t just take our word for it

My Friends Computer Clinic is recommended by top repair places such as Best Buy and Staples for computer repairs. With that kind of stellar reputation, you simply CAN’T go wrong..

Ask about our Senior Discounts, our Active Duty Discounts and free shipping to deployment zones.

MFCC is also a drop off point for CELL PHONES FOR SOLDIERS

Drop off your old unused or broken cell phones and help our soldiers, our sailors, our marines and our airman to keep in contact with their loved ones while they are so far from home.

My Friends Computer Clinic is your full service one stop shop for smart phone and tablet repairs. We are also a PAY AS YOU GO outlet and can provide monthly service PINs for EVERY cell phone plan available.

At My Friends Computer Clinic, we don’t care about our bottom line. Our business philosophy is that, if we take care of our customers, the bottom line will take care of itself.

All of this and so much more, is available at My Friends Computer Clinic at the St Augustine Flea Market. Right up front by the main office and the ATM.

MFCC is open Thursday Thru Sunday from 0900hrs to 1600hrs.

At MY FRIENDS COMPUTER CLINIC, you have a friend with a computer shop.